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Fort Lauderdale HCG Injections

Trying to lose weight is a source of frustration for many Fort Lauderdale area residents. Carrying around extra body fat can negatively impact your personal self-image and how others see you. Many people have tried numerous diet plans, pills and more over the years. While some have been effective at producing results for a short period of time, many can lead to starvation and related health consequences. In addition, they may lead to the loss of muscle tissue, reduce your metabolism rate and ultimately cause you to gain extra pounds that you were not carrying before.

Being overweight is more than an aesthetic issue for Fort Lauderdale area residents. When you carry extra fat on your frame, you may be increasing your chances of developing serious health issues. This may include everything from heart disease and diabetes to certain types of cancer and other conditions. These are health issues that could reduce your lifespan by many years. Tackling your weight problem now is essential for your current and future well-being.

Finding an effective diet that can help you to safely cut your calorie intake and trim body fat can seem almost impossible. However, if you are ready to produce results in a healthy way, a smart idea is to take a closer look at the HCG diet. Dr. A. T. W. Simeons conducted significant research on the effect that HCG had on a typical pregnant woman. A woman will produce HCG naturally during pregnancy at very high levels so that her body can better support a growing fetus. Dr. Simeons discovered that HCG injections in a non-pregnant adult in conjunction with a low-calorie diet promotes the body’s use of abnormal fat stores with dramatic results. Once you spend time learning more about how the assistance of a team at a Fort Lauderdale HCG diet clinic can help you to achieve your goals, you may be ready to schedule a consultation.

A Healthy Solution for Generating Fast Results

Many Fort Lauderdale area residents have tried various low-calorie diets in the past that created an unpleasant and unhealthy feeling of starvation. The last thing that you want is to lose weight by eliminating healthy muscle mass. You want to find a way to target abnormal or unhealthy fat stores, and this is what the HCG diet does. There are three primary types of fat on your body, and these include adipose tissue, structural fat and reserve fat. Only the first type, which is also known as abnormal fat, is what you want to target through your diet, and this is what the HCG diet does for you.

The research of Dr. Simeons revealed that high levels of the HCG hormone are a primary reason why a pregnant woman is able to sustain and nourish a growing fetus in her body without having to constantly take in nutrients throughout the day. During times when she is not eating, the HCG essentially mobilizes the abnormal fat or adipose tissue. This enables the mother to meet the fetus’s calorie needs regularly throughout the day. Remember that pregnant women typically only need to consume a few hundred additional calories each day to support a healthy, growing fetus.

When HCG injections are administered to non-pregnant adults, including both men and women, this hormone essentially targets the abnormal fat stores and converts them into energy that the body needs for healthy activities and functionality. When these injections are combined with a low-calorie diet, the weight loss results can be astounding. You are able to reduce your calorie intake successfully while eating the healthy foods that you prefer, and you can see the unhealthy fat stores on your body decrease quickly. Because the adipose fat tissue that is mobilized by the increased level of HCG in your body is contributing to your nourishment, starvation and the loss of muscle mass are not concerns.

What to Expect

Before you make the decision to head to a Fort Lauderdale HCG diet clinic for assistance with your weight loss goals, you need to learn more about what this diet plan is and how it works. Keep in mind that this is a low-calorie diet plan that is medically-assisted. It requires you to reduce your calorie consumption dramatically by choosing healthy foods and to obtain a periodic injection of HCG. The number of visits that you will need to make to a Fort Lauderdale clinic is directly related to your general health. If you have no underlying health conditions, you will only need to have a few visits over the course of your HCG diet regimen.

Keeping in mind that a reduction in your calorie intake to lose weight and body fat is not recommended without the use of HCG supplementation. Remember that a low-calorie diet without HCG supplementation can result in the loss of muscle mass and healthy fat tissue. Your goal is to lower your calorie intake and target abnormal fat stores to lower your weight and improve your total body health. HCG is the supplemental hormone that is necessary in order to help you achieve the results that you desire in a healthy way.

Your total body health is vital. While being overweight and carrying around extra fat are detrimental, trying to follow a strict, low-calorie plan without medical assistance and a smart strategy can potentially be dangerous. Now is a great time to set up a consultation with a Fort Lauderdale HCG diet clinic to explore this safe option in detail.